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The ultimate objective in renovating a garage is to improve its general condition and usability by replacing or repairing the damaged or obsolete structures with new materials. A garage makeover doesn’t require a demolition since it only involves the interior of the structure and doesn’t impact the outside envelope.

We find that a fair number of garages, particularly in newer residences, have only a minimal amount of finishing, leaving a blank canvas to start a renovation.

A quality renovation can considerably improve a garage’s energy efficiency by adding or replacing heating and lighting with newer, more efficient units.  Many additional changes can also enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of a garage, including wall finishing, additional drywall on the visible section of the foundation, drywall finishing, adding, or repositioning electrical or central vacuum outlets, stairs finishing, installing baseboards to complete the look of the walls and complement a new floor covering, as well as painting the ceiling and walls.

Obviously, it is always better that this kind of work be performed before any furniture or storage installation. A premium garage makeover is a respectable investment, so it is preferable and more cost-efficient to do this work before additional enhancements are made. 


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