Custom Cabinetry

Available in several finishes, solid beech or stainless-steel countertops, stainless-steel handles, and adjustable aluminum legs.

Produits - Mobilier de garage en acier - Espace Garage Plus

Steel Cabinetry

Available in 20 colours with solid maple or stainless-steel countertops.

Products - Garage Wall Storage - Espace Garage Plus

PVC Slatwall Panels

Available in 4 colours with a wide selection of steel wall organizing accessories.

Produits - Rangement de garage au plafond - Espace Garage Plus

Ceiling Storage Racks

Available in 9 fixed or 6 motorized sizes.

Produits - Plancher de garage en polyaspartique - Espace Garage Plus

Polyaspartic Flooring

Available in 18 colours.