The concrete floor is an important element of your garage. It must be strong enough to support the weight of your vehicles.

The coating of the garage floor is to be considered when building or renovating a garage. Here is some useful information about garage floor coating:

    1. Polyaspartic coating | If you want to improve the appearance of your garage floor and ensure it is durable and resistant to chemicals such as oil and gasoline while being easy to clean, you may want to consider a polyaspartic garage floor coating.
    2. Floor preparation | Before applying the coating, it is important to properly prepare the floor by grinding it to ensure the coating’s adhesion. It is also important to clean and degrease the floor thoroughly to remove any oil stains or other chemicals and finally to repair any cracks and imperfections.
    3. Application | The coating is applied in two coats with a squeegee. The color flake saturation is embedded between its two layers of polyaspartic. A colored base coat to match the color flake recipe and a clear coat to seal it all in.
    4. Maintenance | To preserve the durability of your garage floor, it is important to clean it regularly with water and a mild soap to remove dirt and debris. If you have oil or other chemical stains, it is important to clean them immediately to prevent them from affecting the coating. It is also recommended not to use harsh chemicals and abrasives that could damage it.

    In summary, polyaspartic coating is an important element to consider improving the resistance and aesthetics of your garage floor. Carefully choose the company that will be responsible for its realization to ensure its durability, its resistance to chemical and abrasive products and its ease of maintenance.

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