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Tips and tricks for securing a residential garage

Securing a residential garage is crucial to protecting your belongings and ensuring the safety of your home.

Here are some tips and tricks for securing your garage effectively:

Tip & Trick 1 | Secure garage door | Invest in a strong, sturdy garage door. Choose a steel or solid wood door. Install an automatic closing system with a secure remote control.

Tip & Trick 2 | Exterior lighting | Make sure the outside of the garage is well lit. Use motion detector lights to deter intruders. Install solar lights near the garage door for a source of illumination even in the event of a power failure.

Tip & Trick 3 | Window security | If your garage has windows, make sure they’re secure. Install curtains or blinds to prevent people from seeing into the garage.

Tip & Trick 4 | Garage alarm | Install an alarm system dedicated to the garage. It can be linked to your home security system. Use warning stickers indicating the presence of an alarm system.

Tip & Trick 5 | Surveillance cameras | Place surveillance cameras in strategic locations to monitor the interior and exterior of the garage. Choose cameras with recording function and remote access so you can check the status of the garage at any time.

Tip & Trick 6 | Secure storage | Lock your tools and other equipment in cabinets fitted with sturdy locks. Avoid leaving valuable items in view from the outside.

Tip & Trick 7 | Reinforce access door security | Make sure the garage access door is also secured with a quality lock. Reinforce the door hinges and frame to prevent intrusion.

Tip & Trick 8 | Access control | Limit access to the garage by using access control systems, such as PIN codes or magnetic cards. Do not share your access codes with unauthorized persons.

Tip & Trick 9 | Regular maintenance | Carry out regular maintenance on your garage door, locks, alarms, and cameras to ensure they are working properly. Replace any faulty components immediately.

Tip & Trick 10 | Communicating with neighbours| Inform your neighbours of your extended absence so they can be alert to any suspicious activity. Create a network of vigilant neighbours to keep an eye on each other’s houses and garages.

By combining these security measures, you can increase the protection of your residential garage and reduce the risk of burglary or intrusion.


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