How to efficiently store your bikes in the garage

"How to efficiently store your bikes in the garage" - Espace Garage Plus

After your winter or summer tires, your bike is probably the most volume-consuming item you would store in your garage. Imagine having to hang a box off the wall – a box that measures at least 72” long by 44” high by 24” deep. And when you think about it, there aren’t that many ways to hang a bike. Either you hang it by its frame, which is the method that requires the least amount of depth space, or you hang it by its front or back wheel.

In summer, it’s less of a problem. You probably just park it somewhere in the garage using its kickstand… unless of course you have one of today’s more specialized bikes made of carbon or some other super lightweight material, in which case the bike probably doesn’t even have a kickstand.

The problem becomes most apparent in the fall when winter starts to bear down on us. What do you do with the family’s bikes then? Chances are the shed out back isn’t big enough. You need a four-season solution to store your bikes easily and practically. A good choice is a wall storage system made of PVC slatwall panels to hang your bikes securely. Whether you have traditional bikes or high-performance racing bikes, you can easily hang them either by the front or back wheel using a series of specialized hooks. Or, if you prefer, you can hang your bike from the front or back wheel using a vertical pivoting wall rack. You can even hang them from the ceiling using a pulley system, either manual or electric. However, this last option requires a fairly high ceiling, which isn’t always available in many garages. Not matter which option you choose; the most important consideration is how it will fulfill your needs.

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