Who doesn’t need a free-standing sink in his garage?

"Who doesn’t need a standing sink in his garage?" - Espace Garage Plus

Even if it takes a bit of space, nobody can deny that a standing sink is a very handy item to have in the garage. Made either of plastic or stainless steel, it is usually the main water source in the garage, other than the hose. For washing and cleaning all sorts of items, from gardening to painting, the standing sink, with its generous size, is a very practical feature to clean up a mess.

Unlike the hose, it offers hot and cold water which is essential for cleaning up.

The classic plastic standing sink is the most common version found in most garages. Everybody has seen these sinks, stained with paint from every colour in the house. Unfortunately, if not cleaned right away, these paint stains become pretty much permanent, leaving the only option to replace the sink with a new one. That’s where stainless-steel comes in. More expensive indeed, but stainless-steel offers many advantages, the most important being its ease of cleaning. Made from 304 stainless-steel, our sinks offer the best resistance to corrosion, they are sturdier and deeper than any plastic standing sink. Built to look good a long time, our sinks are the commercial type you would find in restaurants where they have to stand up to intensive use.

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