Designing a garage

"Designing a garage" - Espace Garage Plus

Is it an art? Is it a science? In fact, it’s a bit of both. Designing a garage adequately requires an eye for detail, a desire for aesthetics and an innate sense of space. The constraints are varied, depending on garage dimensions as well as the vehicles being parked.

The smaller the garage and the larger the vehicles, the less available space will remain. This goes without saying. That’s when a professional can really combine the art and science that comes with experience.

One must proceed methodically. Locate, identify and photograph all architectural features present: electrical outlets, water taps, protruding foundation, doors, windows, stairs, among others. Once everything is listed, one proceeds next by taking measurements of all surfaces precisely detailing the location of architectural features. Their location has a direct impact on the storage options offered by the garage. The more the walls and ceiling are interrupted by these features, the more the storage flexibility is impacted. Storage solutions must take into account all these aspects. The next step is to model the garage in 2D based on all the information gathered. This is where the real design work begins. It is important to proceed initially from the wishes of the customer. These wishes reflect the needs and intentions of the family. If the family is looking for a makeover, it is because the current state of their garage is no longer tolerable, and a customized solution is required. 2D modeling allows detailed visualization, in true proportions, and allows for changes and clarification before being finalized. Nothing can replace this stage. It is the best way to understand and appreciate a design proposal from the planning of the available space. It is also the best way to understand what you are buying.

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