The evolution of the residential garage

"The evolution of the residential garage" - Espace Garage Plus

Over the years we have seen the garage makeover market change and evolve. This growing trend, first seen south of the border, is now a popular choice in Quebec and the rest of Canada. More and more, the largest heated room of the house is no longer a neglected space. While the needs of the modern family are in constant evolution, it is appropriate to include the design and customization of the garage for the efficient use of the available storage space in a home. Whether constructing a new home or renovating a current one, the number of owners looking to maximize the use of their garage is constantly growing. Just as we no longer talk about just a closet, but a walk-in, a home theatre instead of just a basement, the garage has become an integral part of the home’s living space.

To optimize the value of their property, more homeowners are looking to combine vehicle parking with workshops, storage cabinets, organization of bikes and sporting equipment, not to mention the ability to store seasonal items out of the way. It has become an essential priority with an excellent return on investment. A customized garage is considered a big advantage when selling a property.

Since each family has its own needs, and each garage its own configuration, it is necessary to make an inventory of the space and needs. A true residential garage makeover cannot be improvised. Some more do-it-yourself types will choose to wing it with available products from big box stores, but those looking for a true solution that fits with their needs will choose to work with us for the design and customization of their garage to get the most out of the space.

Having a nice, clean, well-organized garage is no longer confined to a few “car freaks,” but rather it has become the evolution of the contemporary residence and its occupants.

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