"A garage with an electrical ambience" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the makeover story of a thriving electrical contractor from the Quebec City area who, after completely renovating his house, wanted its attached single garage to be redesigned to be a more useful space. Given the distance from our office in Montreal, the first evaluation of the project was based on the measurements and photographs provided to us by email.

This information allowed us to do 2D modeling and articulate a detailed proposal based on the wishes expressed to us by the owner.

The house had no more space, so the garage needed to accommodate as much storage as possible for everyday and seasonal items, as well as a workbench and ample parking for his wife’s Jeep.

Following the presentation of our proposal and quote, we hit the road and made the drive to meet him, see the garage in question, confirm all the dimensions and the condition of the garage and then brief the local contractor we had chosen to do the floor levelling work required. It should be noted that the role of a first-grade general contractor is crucial in taking on this type of project outside our primary territory. We were able to count on a qualified Quebec City region general contractor. He took charge of all the work associated with the construction of a wall to replace the banister and reconstruction of the stairs leading to the basement. As well, he took care of repairing the walls and installation of door and window frames. He also looked after all the small details needed in preparation for painting, which he handled masterfully. On the recommendation of the hired painting company, the ceiling and walls were painted with a two-component epoxy paint to ensure a more water resistant, protective finish. As the client is an electrician, he handled the installation of ceiling lights, a heating unit and additional wall outlets. Finally, we brought a team down to Quebec City and proceeded with the coating of the floor, the stairs and the landing down to the basement with our Espazzo finish. We were finally ready to install the storage components to fulfill all the wishes and expectations the client had expressed for a practical, stylish new garage he could be proud of.

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