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What are the mistakes to avoid when designing a residential garage?

Residential garage design can be an exciting project, but there are some common mistakes you should avoid ensuring your project is a success.

Here are some of these common mistakes to avoid in your residential garage design:

  1. Not considering insulation | If you plan on spending a lot of time in your garage, make sure it is well insulated. If you don’t consider insulation, you may end up with a space that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.
  2. Not providing enough storage space | You need to provide enough storage space to store all your tools, sports equipment, bikes, items and accessories in your garage. Otherwise, you may end up with a cluttered and disorganized space.
  3. Ignore lighting | Lighting is an important part of any garage to ensure visibility and safety. If you don’t provide enough lighting, you may end up working in a dark and unwelcoming space. Be sure to provide adequate lighting, especially if you plan to use your garage as a workshop.
  4. Do not provide heating and ventilation | Heating and ventilation are important in a garage to maintain a good temperature and avoid the build-up of car exhaust, mold and other pollutants. It is therefore important to install, or have installed, proper heating and ventilation systems.
  5. Failing to install sufficient electrical outlets | You will need several electrical outlets to power all the tools and other equipment you use in your garage. If you don’t provide enough outlets, you may have to use extension cords, which is to be discouraged because it is dangerous.
  6. Failing to provide an adequate garage door | You must ensure that your garage door (or doors) is large enough to allow for the comfortable ingress and egress of all vehicles you plan to park in your garage. If you don’t provide an adequate garage door (or doors), you may have to make costly modifications later. Also, make sure that your door(doors) is equipped with a secure access system to prevent break-ins and burglaries. Do business with a professional for a risk-free installation.

By avoiding these costly mistakes, you can ensure that your residential garage is well designed, furnished and fully functional.

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