What are the current trends in residential garage design?

There are currently several trends in residential garage design that are influenced by the changing needs of resident homeowners, their new aesthetics, and new technologies.

Here are some of them:

  1. Multi-purpose space | Residential garages are no longer used solely for parking vehicles. More and more homeowners are using them for recreational activities such as playrooms, workout rooms, craft rooms and home offices. Homeowners are looking to maximize the use of this space by turning it into a multi-purpose room.
  2. Lighting, Heating and Ventilation | The addition, or replacement, of lighting, heating and ventilation are key trends in residential garage design today. Homeowners are looking to make their garages brighter and airier to create a more comfortable environment for themselves and their families and for all the items stored there.
  3. Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials | Resident homeowners are looking to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in their garage design. The installation of green roofs or solar panels and the use of low VOC materials and covering are becoming increasingly popular.
  4. Technology Integration | More and more homeowners are looking to integrate technology into their garage. Smart garage doors controlled via a mobile app and video camera that allow for secure garage check-in and access control, security system with 24/7 video surveillance including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, electric vehicle charging station, door with keyless entry system, etc., are just a few of the strong trends currently.
  5. Exterior | Some homeowners are turning the exterior of their garage into an additional space by installing sliding screens in their garage door openings or decks on the garage roof.

In short, garage design is following the new trends in the residential field. Homeowners are looking to transform this underutilized space into a functional and comfortable room to better meet their needs and those of their family.

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