Not all cabinets are created equal

"Not all cabinets are created equal" - Espace Garage Plus

What characterizes a great garage cabinet? The quality of materials and hardware used to make it? The quality of construction? Its strength and durability? In fact, all these characteristics are what make a great garage cabinet.

It is not uncommon to see people, after a kitchen renovation, take their old kitchen cabinets and install them in the garage. In most cases, these cabinets survived a certain time but have lost their structural integrity and can no longer stand up to a heavy-duty application.

A good garage cabinet is one designed specifically for this purpose. Whether made of melamine, laminate or steel, it must provide ample strength to accommodate the type of items you frequently wish to store in a garage. It is typically true that one stores much heavier items in the garage than anywhere else in the house. The principle of installing cabinets in the garage allows you to hide from view all the items you need but would prefer not to have showing. One gains curb appeal while creating a smarter storage solution. When you establish that everything has its place, it is much easier to create good storage habits with all family members. Less clutter, with less effort.

As with any investment you make for your home, choose cabinets that will last a long time, even in the environment of a garage. Get cabinets that match the needs of your family. See it as an investment, not an expense. A good quality cabinet looks better, lasts longer and offers a more satisfying solution.

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