"La meilleure saison pour aménager son garage" - Espace Garage Plus

The truth is you can start your garage makeover any time throughout the year. There is no better season than the other, but we definitely see an increase of requests come in the spring, and even more in the fall.

Suddenly, you need to create additional space. You need a solution. Winter is almost at your door.

Come spring, in planning for the summer activities in the backyard and around the house, it is time to pull out the tables, chairs, umbrellas, flower planters, BBQ, and more. It is also the time of year to prepare the pool, if you have one, and when the gardening chores begin again. For those who own an organized garage, and perhaps a backyard shed, it also the time to appreciate how easy it is to access all the stuff you need as the seasons change. Often in the summer, many homeowners will buy additional items to complement what they already have. Invariably, these new items go from the car directly to the backyard, and nobody takes into consideration whether it can be stored somewhere before winter arrives. And that’s the game changer. Where to put all these new items on top of the existing inventory? Only then do you realize that you have way more items to store. Suddenly you need to create more storage space. You need a solution. Winter is almost at your door. This probably explains why fall is the busiest season for our makeover solutions and products specifically designed for your garage needs. As they say, planning is everything, even in the garage. So next time around, don’t take any chances, call one of our experts in advance.

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