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How to organize your home garage with shelving


Here are some easy steps to follow to properly organize your home garage with shelving:

  1. Plan the space in advance | Before you buy shelving and start installing it, carefully plan the available space, where you want to place it and what you want to store in it. Measure the walls and corners to see what size shelves will work best. This will help you maximize the available space and avoid wasting space unnecessarily.
  2. Invest in quality shelving | Make sure you invest in quality shelving that can handle the weight of the items you want to store on them. Cheap shelves may be tempting, but they may not be sturdy enough to last long or to support heavy loads.
  3. Use storage bins | Use different sized storage bins to store smaller or loose items. Clear bins are especially handy because they make it easy to see the contents without having to open them.
  4. Store your items according to how often they are used | The most frequently used items should be placed within easy reach on the lower shelves, while less frequently used items can be placed on the upper shelves.
  5. Label the bins and boxes | To quickly find the items you are looking for, label the bins or boxes with their contents. This will help you know exactly where to look when you need a particular item.
  6. Avoid clutter | Make sure you keep your workspace and aisles free of clutter so you can move around easily without tripping.

By following these easy steps, you can effectively organize your home garage with shelving and maximize the storage space available.

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