What type of residential garage are you?

"What type of residential garage are you?" - Espace Garage Plus

Since 2006, we have designed and customized hundreds of residential garages.

Through these numerous remodeling projects, we can identify some of the different categories of homeowner types.

The Showroom Type – I don’t want to see a thing.” This type of homeowner has only one objective: hide all the stuff he has in the garage. For this type the ultimate solution involves mostly custom storage cabinets ensuring all his items, of all sizes and shapes, are discretely hidden behind closed doors. No long-handles tools or sport equipment dangling from the walls. Nothing should be visible. Everything must shine like a car dealership showroom, including floor covering, drain covers, stainless steel sink, hose reel and stairs to the house. The goal is to transform the garage into a real showroom featuring family vehicles, often including a classic car, a minibar and a giant TV screen. The result should first and foremost make the owner salivate, but mostly make the neighbours drool.

The Warehouse Type- This guy really has a lot of things to store. “I think I have too much stuff” is not in his vocabulary. The goal is to use all available space up to the ceiling and including the ceiling. Every available inch has to be maxed out for storage. More concerned with available storage than aesthetics, he prefers the robust, practical and large storage products. The result is a garage that impresses with its ability to orderly store a spectacular number of items of all shapes and sizes, while allowing family vehicles to be parked comfortably.

The Handyman Type – Tools by the dozens. Large, small, power tools, battery tools, air compressors, he’s got it all. More workshop than garage, this space revolves around a large workbench consisting of heavy-duty steel toolboxes filled to the brim with all kinds of tools and storage cabinets overflowing with tool cases of all sizes. Not to mention a respectable sized air compressor for his more robust tool collection. Stainless-steel and checker plate aluminum dominate everywhere. In addition, to save space, it is not uncommon that he opts for a car lift allowing him to park his vehicles on top of each other, so he gains more floor space. The result is a garage/workshop of a professional grade where pretty well any repair work can be performed.

The Strictly What’s Necessary Type – “Enough, but not too much” is the motto of this type. Reasonable, he just wants enough storage for the few items he values and keeps in his garage. More of a minimalist, he dislikes clutter and prefers open spaces. Budget conscious, he opts for a limited amount of storage products. Not much of a handyman, he is not concerned about a workbench. The result is a simple, practical, easy to manage garage with no surprises.

Of course, we could go on and on. But what you need to remember is that the remodeling of a garage is a great opportunity for a homeowner to tame this often-neglected space and get the most out of it. What type are you? Don’t hesitate to contact us and share your garage type with us.

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