Renovating a garage is no longer just a guy thing

"Renovating a garage is no longer just a guy thing" - Espace Garage Plus

Despite what some might think, men aren’t the only ones dreaming about the perfect garage. Just like with the purchase of a new car, women play a vital role in the decision-making process. In fact, it’s often women who contact us first. Perhaps it’s a question of creating order and reducing clutter, or maybe it’s about the overall look of the home’s interior. Whatever the reason, women also want practical solutions to rid the garage once and for all of its chaotic mess.

So naturally, women take an active role in every step of the process, from conception to finish. Often, as winter approaches, it’s the woman who pushes her husband to find a practical solution that will leave the garage tidy, with enough room to park the family car someplace warm and dry.

Another interesting difference: when the main client is a woman, it’s not usually a situation of a weekend mechanic who’s looking for a place to tinker. And while we’ve worked on garage renovation projects for hobby mechanics, they only represent a small portion of all the projects we’ve completed. On the flip side, we’ve also transformed garages  into exercise rooms or other multi-activity spaces But most of our projects consist of turning the garage into a practical space where a multitude of seasonal and everyday items can be stored easily and neatly, while still leaving room for the family vehicle.

That can be quite a challenge sometimes, given the wide variety of items that need storing and the often-limited space available. And that’s exactly where dialogue with the client comes into play. No matter what the situation, one thing is certain: the clearer the needs and expectations of the client, the easier it is for us to propose appropriate solutions and detailed estimates. It’s that easy.

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