Transforming the garage ceiling

"Transforming the garage ceiling" - Espace Garage Plus

Typical home architecture and garage configurations feature a garage with very high ceilings, most of the time just empty space. It is not unusual to see homeowners build a heavy wooden loft to try to solve some storage problems. These lofts are not always practical. They are often difficult, or awkward to access, not 100% safe, too deep, or just plain ugly.

However, it is really easy to transform the unused ceiling space into a storage space that is efficient, safe and attractive with overhead storage racks.

We offer the largest and most complete selection of overhead storage racks with nine sizes allowing multiple configurations so you can get the most of your available ceiling storage. We even have three motorized racks. Ideal for large items and cumbersome seasonal items that you don’t need to access very often, such as Christmas decorations, pool items or patio furniture. Solidly anchored into ceiling beams, these steel racks can hold up to 600 lbs. It’s the perfect solution for safely storing all the different items we need for our four seasons.

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