What is a storage space?

"What is a storage space?"- Espace Garage Plus

In its most literal definition, a storage space is a place, usually in a house, where we store the items that we need during our lives. In addition to the appliances, the kitchen is a dedicated space where we put everything that is involved in preparing and serving food.

Given their daily use, these storage spaces always need to be practical and easily accessible, and by all family members.

It is the same for the bathrooms. Daily use determines the type and number of items one wishes to store according to the dimensions of the room and cabinets designed for this purpose. Beyond these two vital rooms with obvious vocations, each bedroom has a closet, or in some cases a walk-in, and furniture to store clothes and other items everyone keeps in their rooms according to their age, needs and habits. The majority of dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, studies or home offices also offer storage spaces adapted to their function. But where it hurts the most is in the spaces really dedicated to storing seasonal items or those things we used occasionally but need to keep anyway. Some houses thoughtfully designed, or more spacious, offer this type of storage space. But many do not, and this is where the garage comes in. Well designed, a garage is the perfect place to store all the items you have not found a place within the house. Depending on the number of items to be stored, you can benefit from a surprisingly massive amount of storage space available in your garage, when designed intelligently. The type of custom design we offer puts an end to storage frustration due to the limited amount of space available in your house.

Next time you’re faced with inadequate storage spaces in your home, take a new look at your garage and the storage possibilities it can offer. You will be surprised to find that the answer was hiding in plain sight.

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