What is a free estimate?

"What is a free estimate?" - Espace Garage Plus

By definition, a free estimate is the price evaluation of a makeover project and is mentioned verbally during an appointment in your garage.

The experience we have gained over the years evaluating hundreds of projects allows us to give you a good idea of the estimated budget required for your project, give or take a few hundred dollars.

If you are interested, we can take all the measurements of your garage to evaluate its configuration, its limitations and opportunities, and then go back and email you a written quotations detailing the products and services required to complete your project. This approach is typical if you are seriously considering the project. The makeover of your garage is an important investment. It’s an investment in your living space, quality of life and the value of your property. The serious investor will receive a detailed quotation, and later a contract outlining the shared responsibilities in order to complete the project.

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