What are 2D garage plans for?

"What are 2D garage plans for?" - Espace Garage Plus

First of all, there are two kinds of plans. Those to build a garage versus those to customize the inside of a garage. In this case, we are talking about plans to customize the interior of a residential garage, which is our specialty. We feel it is essential that in order to properly customize a solution for a garage, being able to rely on plans is the only way to guarantee a satisfactory result.

These days, few people can imagine travelling without a map or GPS. It is the same for the customization of a residential garage.

The quality of the plans we offer allow our customers to see in advance what their custom designed garage will look like in advance. Produced in 2D, which adds a very realistic quality, these plans give an excellent idea of the space the different components will occupy. Made from rigorous measurements and reference photographs, these plans make it easy to make changes, and clarify requirements prior to manufacturing or ordering of components. The plans also allow for a tighter budget management and the establishment of a realistic timeline. Finally, once approved by the client, they become the road map that our team of installers will follow to complete the job.

For all those still not convinced, remember that given the size of the investment required for a customized garage storage solution that fulfills your needs, it is essential to have plans if you want to do it properly. Plans are to a custom-tailored garage what patterns are to a custom-tailored suit. The end result shows. Have no doubt.

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