Tires – a bulky item

"Tire, this bulky item" - Espace Garage Plus

If there is one thing that is guaranteed, it the changing of tires in the Spring and again in the Fall. It is a fact of life where we live. Of course, with tire change, comes tire storage. For all those who use the services of their car dealership or mechanic, no problem. For those who choose to store their tires at home, the problem persists.

What to do with these four, eight, even twelve tires? Stack them in one corner of the garage? Store them underneath the balcony or the terrace? In the shed? The basement?

In short, nobody really knows how to deal with these bulky items which take up so much valuable space that could be used for other things.

Our tire storage rack comes with a versatile design which holds a variety of tires, in a variety of widths and depths, with or without rims, thanks to their telescopic and adjustable support bars. Made entirely of heavy-duty steel, the rack is anchored directly into wall studs, usually on the upper part of the wall to allow for maximum clearance and safety. The rack can hold up to 400 lbs., far more than a set of tires with rims would ever weigh.

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