There is nothing like a good clean-up

"There is nothing like a good clean-up" - Espace Garage Plus

It is not unusual during a meeting with a potential client, to be confronted by a pile of jumbled and stacked items in the middle of the garage floor which has unfortunately become a huge storeroom, or even something of a luxurious shed. With each of these occasions, we make sure to remind people that before pursuing a proper makeover design, nothing can replace a thorough clean-up, something only they can do.

Nobody is in a better position than yourself to decide what is still good, useful and worth keeping. We always encourage you to use the 3-pile technique.

One pile for the items you want to throw away. Another for those items you want to give away, and finally a pile for all those items you want to keep, organize and store in your garage. You have to remember that an adequate layout is always based on the pile of items you want to keep. The number of items to be organized and stored will determine the type of solution and number of accessories needed to carry out your project while respecting your budget.

The simplest exercise avoids nasty surprises like: “It’s more expensive than I thought!” and allow us to agree upon a solution perfectly suited to your needs. It is not for us to decide your budget. Our job consists of putting in front of you the best makeover solution in keeping with your budget. No project is too small for us. There is your budget to which we give all our attention. We also know how to adapt and often we structure a project to be completed in phases. We are flexible and we adapt to each project individually.

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