"To the conquest of the residential garage" - Espace Garage Plus

When we launched Espace Garage Plus in 2006, we wanted to offer the residents of the Greater Montreal Area turnkey solutions that would give them back their garage. All too often the garage is neglected space, it was the last space of the home to be conquered and organized. It was a constant battle between the vehicles that we wanted to park, and the numerous seasonal items we wanted to store there. First the closet became the walk-in, then the basement become the home theatre, now it is time to attack, and upgrade the garage.

With hundreds of makeovers under our belt, it is clear that Espace Garage Plus is meeting a real need for homeowners. Now, the dream of “more space in your garage” has become a reality for all those who have entrusted us to the design and makeover of their garage.

Every family is different and therefore, every garage needs a personalized design.  We will consider not only your wish-list, but also the configuration of your existing garage to ensure our design makes the most sense possible. We take into consideration the three available surfaces; the ceiling, the walls and the floor to come up with the right solution for you. We then render our vision into a 2D design so you can see the final outcome and provide feedback.

We are always on the lookout for new and innovative products to better answer the 4 season needs of our clients. Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue to see what we are currently offering and get a better understanding of the benefits of our products. Or even better, make an appointment to meet with us, we are always happy to meet and explain our products and services in complete detail.

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