The benefits of an upgrade

"The benefits of an upgrade" - Espace Garage Plus

It is not unusual that, while meeting with a client to evaluate their needs and to see the configuration of his garage, we are asked to also quote a full upgrade of the garage. A fair number of garages, mostly in newer built homes, have only a minimum of finishing.

We aim to evaluate the finishing, or renovation needs that would be necessary before installing the different components of the makeover.

Wall finishing, including drywall on the foundation level, drywall finishing, repositioning of electrical outlets, central vacuum units, stairs, adding heating and lighting, adding baseboards to give a nicer finish to the walls and to prepare for a new floor covering, are just some examples of the additional requests we can perform. We can even build a full loft with an integrated attic ladder if the available space allows for it.

Obviously, it is always better that this kind of additional work is completed before any installation. A quality makeover is a respectable investment and it is to your advantage to do additional work in the early stages. But no matter the needs, we work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the upgrade you envision and exceed your expectations.

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