"The Beauty and The Beast" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the garage makeover story of a homeowner who wanted to completely renovate his single garage to make it the den par excellence for his high caliber sports car. The car was his prized possession which he affectionately called “The Beast.”  He liked to pamper it in his spare time and wanted to park it in an appropriate environment. The request was not overly complicated, basically he wanted us to do everything possible to make this garage a “Beauty” that would complement The Beast. He wanted a suitable home for his car with all the amenities for its pampering. Piece of cake.

Once the 2D modeling and budget were approved, we tackled the most difficult task of the project which was to finish the base of the walls. The project entailed subway-style ceramic tiles around the perimeter of the garage to protect it, similar to a commercial car wash.

To do that, we had to ensure uniformity along the base of the walls. That forced us to remove all the drywall and studs from the wall leading outside and replace them with new studs and plywood to ensure a perfect surface for the ceramic tiles to be mounted. Alongside this work we took the opportunity to add electrical outlets throughout, a heating unit with a digital thermostat, better ceiling lighting, replace the irrigation control system and reconfigure the plumbing to accommodate a new hose reel. We even replaced the remote control for the garage door. At that point we were ready for the next step. The floor was then covered with our Espazzo finish, along with a new drain cover in aluminum checker plate. White ceramic tiles were finally installed at the bottom of the walls, ceiling and walls were painted with an epoxy paint made specially for waterproof environments, the same colour as the slatwall PVC panels installed directly over the ceramic tiles.

The only thing left, to complete this almost foolproof custom environment, was to install two rows of steel cabinets on the back wall. This provided the owner ample storage for all the products he required to pamper The Beast. The result was simply spectacular and exceeded the wishes and expectations of the owner. “The Beauty” was finally ready for “The Beast,”

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