The art of wall organization

"The art of wall organization" - Espace Garage Plus

One of the keys to a residential garage makeover lies in the effective use of available wall surfaces to hang anything that cannot be stored any other way other than piled up behind closed doors: bikes, shovels, brooms, rakes, skis and long handle tools.

To properly organize a wall, instead of individual hooks, badly anchored into drywall that always fall and leave huge holes, we prefer to use PVC slatwall panels specially designed to organize all available wall surfaces.

Solid, practical and of precise dimensions, these PVC panels easily adapt to the available space of the side or back wall of the garage. These organizing surfaces, solidly anchored into your wall studs, offer all the flexibility needed to organize your long-handle tools, sports equipment, gardening items, skis, bikes and more. Furthermore, you will be able to configure and reconfigure the wall storage as the seasons change and your own needs evolve, simply by adding hooks, baskets, racks and other accessories. The whole wall surface is available for organization, no more hooks randomly placed, no more holes to repair. Long live a clean, organized, easy to use wall organizing surface

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