The 5 main steps in the remodeling of a garage

"Les 5 grandes étapes dans l’aménagement d’un garage" - Espace Garage Plus

As with any construction or renovation project, there is a logical sequence of events that must be considered in the remodeling of a garage to optimize the desired result.

Once the 2D modeling completed and the design approved, the remodeling of your garage is divided into five main steps:

Step 1: Emptying the garage content – As you know the content of your garage better than anyone else, it is best that you take charge of this step. We invite you to use this opportunity to do a good clean-up and get rid of what you no longer need. We also recommend the use of storage cubes or containers which are available in different sizes. Your items will be well sheltered, dry and locked during the work.

Step 2: Carpentry, Electrical and Plumbing – Whether the addition of baseboard to protect the walls in preparation for the floor covering, the replacement of heating units and deficient lighting, the addition of electrical outlets or water pipes in anticipation of the installation or replacement of the sink, it is at this stage that our electrician conducts various repairs and upgrade vital components of the garage.

Step 3: Painting – As the garage is emptied of its content, our painter takes this opportunity to refresh walls, ceiling, door, trimmings, etc. And as the cement floor is subject to be covered next, no need to protect it during this step. We recommend the use of light colours to make the garage as bright as possible. Adequate lighting is always a good thing in the garage.

Step 4: Floor Covering – As an essential element of any serious garage remodeling, whether with our Espazzo finish or porcelain tiles, floor covering stops the production of dust, which is a characteristic of cement floor, and leaves all the items you want to store in the garage, free of dust. In addition, it creates an easy to maintain surface.

Step 5: Installation of components – It is here that the design you have approved unfolds and makes sense with all the different products designed for this purpose. And voila! All you must do now is enjoy your new garage.


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