Shelving versus storage cabinets

"Shelving versus storage cabinets" - Espace Garage Plus

When the time comes to do a makeover of a garage, several owners choose shelving from the outset. While shelving comes in a choice of sizes and materials, there are several disadvantages to consider including the fact that shelves are open to the view and often offer limited storage space.

Often times you will see shelves sagging under the weight of overloading, or simply falling off the wall from incorrect anchor techniques.

The idea of storing items inside cabinets specifically designed for a garage has two main benefits: it takes the plethora of everyday and seasonal stuff, of all descriptions, and puts it all out of sight. Perhaps more practically, garage cabinets have shelves and drawers designed to accommodate the demanding nature of garage storage with rock solid strength. Laminate or steel cabinets can do a better job at maximizing space than shelving, and cabinets are easier to put into categories of contents i.e. cleaning products, paint, hardware, tools, bike accessories etc. Cabinets make it easier to sort items but also encourage the family to put things back where they belong because there’s no guesswork when everything has a designated spot. This keeps the garage well organized and everyone happy.

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