Organizing the walls in your garage is a major task. Your needs are continuously changing and evolving, which is why you need a long-lasting, functional and attractive storage solution that has the flexibility to keep your life organized through time.

Our garage wall storage system is the perfect fit for organizing not only your garage, but also your mud room, utility and laundry rooms, pantries, closets, basement, playroom, home office and many other areas of your home.

Our garage wall storage system includes PVC slatwall panels, available in 4 colours*. You can customize with an extensive line of steel accessories** including hooks, shelves, bins, baskets, racks and much more. Used as a complete wall or as a complement to your existing storage, our garage wall storage system allows a flexible layout that easily adapts to your storage needs. Keep the garage uncluttered by hanging more stuff on the walls, like tools, sporting equipment, gardening tools and more. If the wall gets dirty, just spray it down with a hose. Our system is watertight, and the unique profile prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the slats.


  • Manufactured in the USA with blended Cellular PVC material
  • Flame retardant material with 94 V-O rating
  • Scratch resistant with normal use
  • Material color throughout product
  • Color coordinated installation screws and trims
  • 4 panels of 1 ft high by 8 ft long for 32 sqft of coverage per carton
  • Smooth satin finish with premium look
  • Compatible with standard 3 in on center slatwall accessories
  • Strong and durable, water and moisture resistant and easy to clean
  • Maximum weight load of 100lbs/ft

* For the complete selection of PVC slatwall panel colours, please refer to our catalogue.
**For the complete line of wall organizing steel accessories, please refer to our catalogue.


If you are looking for a solution that can change with your needs, and last a lifetime, our garage wall storage system is completely versatile and built to last.