Our Duralum custom cabinetry is machined with the greatest precision using computer assisted machinery.

Tough, durable and visually appealing, our Duralum custom cabinetry can support heavy loads worry-free. It also can endure extreme temperature ranges without any warping, delaminating or failures.

Assembled around a rear panel, secured in a groove at the perimeter, our Duralum custom cabinetry is available in different units – base cabinets, top cabinets and large cabinets – allowing the flexibility to accommodate a customized solution for the unique needs of your garage. Other options include closets, mud bench, storage cubby for shoes and boots, large module with sliding doors to hide electrical panels and boxes.


  • Boxes, doors, drawers and shelves in 3/4 inch thick panels
  • European door hinges with automatic closing
  • Sliding drawers with automatic closing
  • Anchored directly into wall studs
  • 6 inches floor clearance
  • Stainless-steel handles
  • Adjustable aluminum legs
  • Coloured beech countertop


If you have special storage needs that no other modular furniture can accommodate, our Duralum custom cabinetry offers you a full range of personalization and flexibility to precisely fulfill your special storage needs.

Designed and fabricated for the unique configuration of your garage, our Duralum custom cabinetry will maximize the available storage space and ensure a successful garage makeover for all your unique storage needs.