Please hide this electrical panel

"Please hide this electrical panel" - Espace Garage Plus

In most garage makeovers that we design, there is always at least one standard electrical panel to consider, if not a whole wall of boxes and panels. Some of these electrical installations are so imposing that it gives the impression that the residence has its own hydroelectric dam at its disposal.

Sometimes, the electrical contractor has taken exceptional care to organize the panels cleanly and clearly. But often not.

And considering the significant size of his investment in his garage, the owner will usually request that we make this collection of wires and grey boxes disappear.

Our custom solutions always consider the accessibility of these boxes and panels. Even while some of them rarely need to be accessed, it is important to ensure that they will be available in the event that an electrician or Hydro Quebec technician needs access. Our custom solutions let you hide your electrical panels discretely behind the doors of a single cabinet. Or if you have multiple boxes, you can conceal them behind a series of swinging, folding or sliding doors, giving your full access in a safe manner. Not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s a win-win.

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