One does not have the luxury to buy crap

"One does not have the luxury to buy crap" - Espace Garage Plus

There will always be those who are looking for a ready-made solution from local retailers to outfit their garage at lower cost. There will always be those who are more concerned about some sort of trendy décor modification to pimp their garage for a brief stint on a reality TV show. We don’t work that way. We have always approached the design and layout of a residential garage in a serious, professional and personal manner.

Designing, planning and laying out a residential garage is a serious task. To ensure the owner-resident and his family gain full use of the space for storage, while successfully accommodating vehicles takes planning, experience and expertise.

Each family has its own budget, its own storage needs, and a unique garage configuration. It is extremely important to consider all these factors to achieve a proper and satisfactory solution. The same goes for the products we offer. A quality product can sometimes seem more expensive, but as the saying goes; “When poor, one does not have the luxury to buy crap.” In other words, better to pay a little more for a quality product, guaranteed, with a long life and designed for the garage environment.

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