Heavy duty and easy access storage for hitch bike mounted rack

Store your hitch bike mounted rack in an organized, and space-efficient fashion with the Hitch Rack Storage Organizer. Given the bulky and expansive nature of hitch bike mounted racks, there is often no perfect place to store it where they aren’t a tripping hazard. Because the Hitch Rack Storage Organizer is wall mounted, you will have a designated spot that is convenient and out of the way to place your hitch bike mounted rack after you finish your next bike trip or vacation.

This is a must-have simple and efficient solution for storage in your garage, workshop, home or shed!

The Hitch Rack Storage Organizer offers an easy access mounting solution to organize any of your 1.25″ or 2” hitch bike mounted rack. Each wall storage mount has a flared square opening and is 6″ deep, making it compatible with most hitch bike mounted rack on the market. Cut into the square steel tubing is a slot designed to allow the insertion of hitch pins to hold your hitch bike mounted rack securely and safely in the mount. Perfect for hanging, swing-away, tilting, and platform hitch bike mounted racks!

Durable, powder coated steel holds your hitch bike mounted rack and is built to last a lifetime. In total, the Hitch Rack Storage Organizer can hold up to 175 lbs of hitch bike mounted rack. After investing in an expensive hitch bike mounted rack, make sure you complement it with a rock-solid storage solution!

For more information, or to buy the Hitch Rack Storage Organizer, please contact us at (450) 818-1171 or [email protected]

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