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It seems that tidying up your home is something everyone is doing these days. A tidy home can be a more comfortable, stress-free home. But what about your garage? Is it really possible to tidy up a garage? For sure, organizing a garage can be an intimidating project. How do you sort all the different items of different shapes and sizes? So many things are only used during a certain season, so how do you ensure this important part of your home can accommodate the needs of your family’s activities, along with one or two vehicles?

If you’re a little ashamed of opening your garage door in front of the neighbours, the answer is a custom garage makeover.

It starts with a detailed, personalized plan that includes solutions for all the needs of your family within the available space and budget. The next step is to develop an inventory of items that truly belong in the garage to make it a functional, useful space. The garage is not simply an oversize shed to store all the things you have broken, don’t like, wish you never bought, or picked up in a yard sale and never got around to using. First and foremost, a garage is where you store your vehicles and protect them from the weather. The remaining space, including floor, walls, and ceiling, represent organization and storage opportunities for a wide variety of items. Maximize your garage storage potential with a professional garage makeover and open the doors with pride.


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