Espace Garage Plus uses only state-of-the-art manufactured industrial particle boards of the highest density, coated with a thermofused ultra resistant brushed aluminum laminate. Our Duralum custom garage cabinetry is machined with the greatest precision using computer assisted machinery.

Tough, durable and visually appealing, our Duralum custom garage laminate cabinetry can support heavy loads worry-free. It also can endure extreme temperature ranges without any warping, delaminating or failures.

Assembled around a rear panel, secured in a groove at the perimeter, our Duralum custom garage laminate cabinetry is available in different units – base cabinets, top cabinets and large cabinets – allowing the flexibility to accommodate a customized solution for the unique needs of your garage. Other options include closets, mud bench, storage cubby for shoes and boots, large module with sliding doors to hide electrical panels and boxes. If you have special storage needs that no other modular furniture can accommodate, our Duralum custom garage laminate cabinetry offers you a full range of personalization and flexibility to precisely fulfill your special storage needs. Designed and fabricated for the unique configuration of your garage, our Duralum custom garage laminate cabinetry will maximize the available storage space and ensure a successful garage makeover for all your unique storage needs.

The garage steel cabinetry that we use in all our residential garage makeovers is designed and manufactured in Quebec by Rousseau, the North American leader in high quality and flexible storage solutions. Built to hold up to 400 lbs. per drawer with a lifetime warranty on the sliding system, this state-of-the-art garage steel cabinetry only uses first grade material. Fully modular, this garage steel cabinetry allows for customized configurations. Furthermore, the components can be easily combined to create efficient, perfectly integrated sets of cabinets. If you are looking for garage steel cabinetry as a primary component of your garage makeover, you want to count on the most versatile modular solution to fulfill your current, and future storage needs. Rousseau’s garage steel cabinetry offers you the highest quality in terms of design, manufacturing and workmanship so you get a premium product and an excellent return on your investment.

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