Elementary my Dear Watson

"Elementary my Dear Watson" - Espace Garage Plus

There is nothing more irritating than leaving a voicemail asking to be called back and never hearing from the company again. Some companies completely ignore this simple request from consumers interested in their products and services.

We always take it upon ourselves to be available during our office business hours to take your calls. If you need to contact us outside of these hours, leave a voicemail and we will make sure to call you as soon as possible once we are back in the office.

If you have contacted us by email, you will get the same courtesy. For us this is fundamental to proper customer care. Why ask customers to leave a voicemail if you never call back?

The same applies to offering services in both official languages. Once again, some companies present themselves as bilingual when in fact they are only comfortable in one language. We have always been proud that all our communications (website, advertising, blog) are available in both French and English. The diversity of the Montreal market demands it. That means a business based in Kirkland should be able to answer in French while a company based in Laval should be able to do the same in English.

It is a rule of thumb that should always apply.

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