Comparing apples to apples

"Comparing apples with apples" - Espace Garage Plus

To properly design and remodel the inside of your garage, it is very important to discriminately choose the specialized company you want to help you with the project. Few companies specialize in the custom design and remodeling of garages. Each family has its own needs and each garage its own configuration (single, double, triple etc.) It is best to work with professionals who are really listening to your needs and open to your ideas and suggestions.

It starts with the identification of your needs. Actually, it starts with a good cleanup and the three-pile technique of deciding what you want to throw out, give away or keep and store. The planning and design of a garage makeovers involves a series of steps, all equally important, if you want a high-quality result.

When you work with Espace Garage Plus, the first step is to make an inventory of the room, list all its architectural components (doors, windows, stairs, electrical outlets and panels, water intake, heating units) and take all measurements of the dimensions. These essentials will determine the design work of the available space. The second step is the 2D custom design where different scenarios are evaluated. This step is free of guess work because it is based on the actual dimensions of the space and the storage components available (cabinets, overhead racks, wall organizing systems, floor covering etc.). Once the proper solution has been identified, we move to the third step which consists of assessing the budget in detail based on the design. Again, discipline is required to enable you to understand what you are buying and at what cost. It is at this stage, on the presentation by one our professionals, you have the chance to review the proposal, ask questions, discuss in detail, make suggestions and changes, and eventually come to an agreement on the final deliverable. Finally, once the service contract and deposit are received, the fourth step is to plan the manufacturing (if required), delivery and installation of your components within the agreed schedule.

As in the design and remodeling of any part of your house (kitchen, bathroom, basement) quality has a price and should be considered. Exclusive quality components, part of a master custom design plan with turnkey installation will be more expensive than big box store components, self-installed without any real design plan. As with everything else, it important to compare apples to apple.

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