"A garage with an electrical ambience" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the makeover story of a thriving electrical contractor from the Quebec City area who, after completely renovating his house, wanted its attached single garage to be redesigned to be a more useful space. Given the distance from our office in Montreal, the first evaluation of the project was based on the measurements and photographs provided to us by email.

This information allowed us to do 2D modeling and articulate a detailed proposal based on the wishes expressed to us by the owner.

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"A garage rescued from the flood" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the makeover story of an owner who unfortunately suffered major water damage in the kitchen of his home. Almost a foot of water went in, resulting in a destroyed ceiling and the walls of the garage directly below. A company specializing in disaster restoration was hired by the insurance company to bring the garage back to its original condition. The owner also took the opportunity to make some improvements including lighting, which was lacking.

We were called in midway through the restoration to present a custom proposal. Once the proposal was approved, the work schedule was established based on the completion of the restoration work.

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"A genuine thoroughbred" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the story of the owner of a large estate on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. There he built a large horse farm with a stable and other buildings and operates a premium equestrian riding school. Amongst the horses, he now spends his time designing and evolving this magnificent property with the help of a small staff.

The result is simply unique, designed in detail and all to the credit of this dynamic entrepreneur.

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