"Please hide this electrical panel" - Espace Garage Plus

In most garage makeovers that we design, there is always at least one standard electrical panel to consider, if not a whole wall of boxes and panels. Some of these electrical installations are so imposing that it gives the impression that the residence has its own hydroelectric dam at its disposal.

Sometimes, the electrical contractor has taken exceptional care to organize the panels cleanly and clearly. But often not.

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"Elementary my Dear Watson" - Espace Garage Plus

There is nothing more irritating than leaving a voicemail asking to be called back and never hearing from the company again. Some companies completely ignore this simple request from consumers interested in their products and services.

We always take it upon ourselves to be available during our office business hours to take your calls. If you need to contact us outside of these hours, leave a voicemail and we will make sure to call you as soon as possible once we are back in the office.

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"How to efficiently store your bikes in the garage" - Espace Garage Plus

After your winter or summer tires, your bike is probably the most volume-consuming item you would store in your garage. Imagine having to hang a box off the wall – a box that measures at least 72” long by 44” high by 24” deep. And when you think about it, there aren’t that many ways to hang a bike. Either you hang it by its frame, which is the method that requires the least amount of depth space, or you hang it by its front or back wheel.

In summer, it’s less of a problem. You probably just park it somewhere in the garage using its kickstand… unless of course you have one of today’s more specialized bikes made of carbon or some other super lightweight material, in which case the bike probably doesn’t even have a kickstand.

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"The benefits of an upgrade" - Espace Garage Plus

It is not unusual that, while meeting with a client to evaluate their needs and to see the configuration of his garage, we are asked to also quote a full upgrade of the garage. A fair number of garages, mostly in newer built homes, have only a minimum of finishing.

We aim to evaluate the finishing, or renovation needs that would be necessary before installing the different components of the makeover.

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"The garage essence" - Espace Garage Plus

By definition, a garage is a space located in a house – it can be sometimes an annex building – for parking and protecting vehicles from the weather.

In addition to this primary function, the garage is also used to store a variety of items, products, sports equipment, tools among other things that are typical of modern active families. Occasionally, the garage can also serve as a workshop to meet the needs of the DIY projects and home maintenance. Long considered the last room of the house, the garage has always been the forgotten relative of residential renovation.

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"What is a free estimate?" - Espace Garage Plus

By definition, a free estimate is the price evaluation of a makeover project and is mentioned verbally during an appointment in your garage.

The experience we have gained over the years evaluating hundreds of projects allows us to give you a good idea of the estimated budget required for your project, give or take a few hundred dollars.

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"Transforming the garage ceiling" - Espace Garage Plus

Typical home architecture and garage configurations feature a garage with very high ceilings, most of the time just empty space. It is not unusual to see homeowners build a heavy wooden loft to try to solve some storage problems. These lofts are not always practical. They are often difficult, or awkward to access, not 100% safe, too deep, or just plain ugly.

However, it is really easy to transform the unused ceiling space into a storage space that is efficient, safe and attractive with overhead storage racks.

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"A garage with an electrical ambience" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the makeover story of a thriving electrical contractor from the Quebec City area who, after completely renovating his house, wanted its attached single garage to be redesigned to be a more useful space. Given the distance from our office in Montreal, the first evaluation of the project was based on the measurements and photographs provided to us by email.

This information allowed us to do 2D modeling and articulate a detailed proposal based on the wishes expressed to us by the owner.

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"A little gem of a garage!" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the makeover story of a meticulous owner and lover of things well-done. Once his house was completely renovated, he decided to tackle the custom makeover of his garage. Right off the bat, it must be said that his garage is tiny. After expanding a basement bedroom for one of his children, the garage was cut in size by half. In addition, in order to make room for the bedroom, the furnace, air exchanger and humidifier were moved into the garage, further shrinking the space.

Aware that at best he could now only park a mini vehicle, the owner asked us to maximize the storage space using literally every inch available.

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"Les 5 grandes étapes dans l’aménagement d’un garage" - Espace Garage Plus

As with any construction or renovation project, there is a logical sequence of events that must be considered in the remodeling of a garage to optimize the desired result.

Once the 2D modeling completed and the design approved, the remodeling of your garage is divided into five main steps:

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