"To the conquest of the residential garage" - Espace Garage Plus

When we launched Espace Garage Plus in 2006, we wanted to offer the residents of the Greater Montreal Area turnkey solutions that would give them back their garage. All too often the garage is neglected space, it was the last space of the home to be conquered and organized. It was a constant battle between the vehicles that we wanted to park, and the numerous seasonal items we wanted to store there. First the closet became the walk-in, then the basement become the home theatre, now it is time to attack, and upgrade the garage.

With hundreds of makeovers under our belt, it is clear that Espace Garage Plus is meeting a real need for homeowners. Now, the dream of “more space in your garage” has become a reality for all those who have entrusted us to the design and makeover of their garage.

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"The best season for a garage makeover" - Espace Garage Plus

The truth is you can start your garage makeover any time throughout the year. There is no better season than the other, but we definitely see an increase of requests come in the spring, and even more in the fall.

Suddenly, you need to create additional space. You need a solution. Winter is almost at your door.

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"Free up the garage" - Espace Garage Plus

The inside of your garage looks like a scrapheap on a bad day. There’s not even enough space for a stroller, let alone a car. The item you desperately need is hidden beneath piles of junk. The time has come to reorganize.

First, tackle the contents and make three piles, keep, donate, and toss. Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, sort the items you want to keep into different categories (sports equipment, DIY materials, tools) for easy identification and retrieval. The next step is crucial: Prepare a space that’s orderly, practical and multifunctional. Make sure that your reorganization plan incorporates all current and future needs. What’s your budget? Do you plan to keep your car in the garage? Will you need additional storage space? Would you like to have well defined areas for various activities such as gardening, DIY projects and auto repairs?

By Jacqueline Simoneau, originally published in CAA Touring, Winter 2013

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"Park it! De-cluttering and organizing your garage" - Espace Garage Plus

Do you drive into your garage and close the door behind you as quickly as possible to avoid humiliation? Are you missing out on physical activity for simple fact that digging out your gear is too hard, too much work and possibly dangerous due to stuff falling on top of you? It’s probably the most dreaded area of the home to tidy up: the garage. It’s the home’s junk drawer, with everything from lawn care tools to sports equipment, season items, kid’s toys, car tires, accessories and on-an-on. However, when properly organized, the garage can be one of the most functional areas of the house. Below are practical tips to help get your garage in tip-top shape. And who knows – maybe you’ll proudly keep the garage door up when you’re done.

Take inventory – The first step in organizing your garage is knowing exactly what it is you’re dealing with. What’s really in your garage? Despite the surface items you might see, there could be all kinds of stuff lurking behind it. So, the easiest thing to do is pull absolutely everything out of your garage. This will help you itemize as well as see the actual workable space available. Sort through it all, grouping similar things to make putting it all back a little easier. Then you can start to purge – what items are old, broken, or no longer used? Create two additional piles: one for donations and one for garbage. Toys that are still in good condition, as well as certain tools, old bikes, and even clothes can all be donated to charity. Meanwhile, trash can be brought to the local dump or you can call 1-800-GOT-JUNK to have them pick it up. Also, always remember to dispose of old paint, batteries, cleaners and other potentially harmful substances properly. Your town or city can provide more info. Once your garage is completely empty, come up with an efficient layout of the space.

By Jennifer Cox, originally published in The Suburban on March 17, 2010

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"A perfect garage allows for more than just parking" - Espace Garage Plus

Every room in a house has a purpose, a raison-d’être that makes it as unique as it is essential. Some are set in stone (or marble), like kitchens and bathrooms, while others are more flexible, like the extra bedroom that doubles as an office. As for the garage, it’s a bit of a unique case.

Often overlooked, the garage can be an unexpected point of interest as well as a great investment when designed right. “A residential garage shouldn’t be overlooked as it, unfortunately, too often is. Homeowners tend to forget that they paid for it when they bought their house, and it’s also the largest heated room of the house,” says Roberto Wilson, co-founder of Espace Garage Plus, a custom garage designer in Terrebonne.

By Ursula Leonowicz, originally published in New Homes + Condos section of the Montreal Gazette on Saturday June 1, 2019.

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Aménagement garage double_Beaconsfield 1_5_Espace Garage Plus

Most of the solutions we design and the plans we execute are based on 2D modeling. It’s a powerful tool that helps us and our clients get a clear picture of how their garage will look before we begin any work. It’s one thing to eyeball it and guesstimate how much room is required on the walls and ceiling for shelves, cabinets and other support structures but measuring every surface precisely is another job entirely.

Every garage has its obstacles (water faucets, electrical outlets, foundation walls, doors, windows, heating units, etc.) and given that fact, it’s of paramount importance that every solution make the best possible use of the available space.

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"A quality remodeling" - Espace Garage Plus

What makes a residential garage remodeling a success? It is when three factors unite in perfect symmetry. First, your will to transform this space to perfectly suit you and your family’s needs. Second, your high standards for specialized services, custom products and high quality at a fair price. Third, our experience and expertise gained from hundreds of projects and happy customers. Like you, we have high standards as well, which is why we only deliver professional craftmanship and only the finest in products.

For us, there is no middle ground. Either it is of quality or it is not. Like you, we have no time to waste on cheap products of poor quality. Life is too short.

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"What are 2D garage plans for?" - Espace Garage Plus

First of all, there are two kinds of plans. Those to build a garage versus those to customize the inside of a garage. In this case, we are talking about plans to customize the interior of a residential garage, which is our specialty. We feel it is essential that in order to properly customize a solution for a garage, being able to rely on plans is the only way to guarantee a satisfactory result.

These days, few people can imagine travelling without a map or GPS. It is the same for the customization of a residential garage.

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"Comparing apples with apples" - Espace Garage Plus

To properly design and remodel the inside of your garage, it is very important to discriminately choose the specialized company you want to help you with the project. Few companies specialize in the custom design and remodeling of garages. Each family has its own needs and each garage its own configuration (single, double, triple etc.) It is best to work with professionals who are really listening to your needs and open to your ideas and suggestions.

It starts with the identification of your needs. Actually, it starts with a good cleanup and the three-pile technique of deciding what you want to throw out, give away or keep and store. The planning and design of a garage makeovers involves a series of steps, all equally important, if you want a high-quality result.

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"Ideas, plans, products and people." - Espace Garage Plus

Often times, while talking to current or prospective clients, we elaborate deeper on our purpose as residential garage makeover specialists. How was the company born? What attracted us to this sector? So, we take the opportunity offered by this blog to share with you some of the details of who we are.

First and foremost, Espace Garage Plus, is all about ideas. Big or small ones. In a nutshell, a number of ideas on how to layout, store and organize a residential garage. And we have lots of ideas. Why? Because our ideas are born from the needs and wishes of our clients. As everybody knows, there is no such thing as a bad idea since ideas rule the world, not to mention a garage makeover.

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