Beyond the countertop

"Beyond the countertop" - Espace Garage Plus

Most countertops that we offer to crown our melamine or steel cabinets, which include a workbench, are made of either solid colored beech or stainless steel. Some prefer the warmth of wood to the coldness of steel while for others it is the opposite.

Both countertops will show wear and tear over the years as witnesses of the work you have done on it. On the other hand, wood offers the advantage of being sanded and refinished.

But did you know that other types of wood are also available? Countertops in Maple, Walnut as well as Cherry, Red Oak or Birch are also available. All these species offer the kind of solidity associated with hardwood to ensure your workbench the custom look and sturdiness you are looking for. Play daring the next time you must consider the type of wood for your workbench.

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