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Put your garage on a diet

For many of us, cleaning the garage is a painful exercise. Not everyone finds it easy to dispose of the myriad of items put away in boxes, let alone furniture, trinkets and other odds and ends. The reason most often cited for not giving or throwing away the stuff that clutters a garage are the […]


Not all cabinets are created equal

What characterizes a great garage cabinet? The quality of materials and hardware used to make it? The quality of construction? Its strength and durability? In fact, all these characteristics are what make a great garage cabinet. It is not uncommon to see people, after a kitchen renovation, take their old kitchen cabinets and install them […]

One does not have the luxury to buy crap

There will always be those who are looking for a ready-made solution from local retailers to outfit their garage at lower cost. There will always be those who are more concerned about some sort of trendy décor modification to pimp their garage for a brief stint on a reality TV show. We don’t work that […]

What is a storage space?

In its most literal definition, a storage space is a place, usually in a house, where we store the items that we need during our lives. In addition to the appliances, the kitchen is a dedicated space where we put everything that is involved in preparing and serving food. Given their daily use, these storage […]

What is a free estimate?

By definition, a free estimate is the price evaluation of a makeover project and is mentioned verbally during an appointment in your garage. The experience we have gained over the years evaluating hundreds of projects allows us to give you a good idea of the estimated budget required for your project, give or take a […]

Shelving versus storage cabinets

When the time comes to do a makeover of a garage, several owners choose shelving from the outset. While shelving comes in a choice of sizes and materials, there are several disadvantages to consider including the fact that shelves are open to the view and often offer limited storage space. Often times you will see […]

Transforming the garage ceiling

Typical home architecture and garage configurations feature a garage with very high ceilings, most of the time just empty space. It is not unusual to see homeowners build a heavy wooden loft to try to solve some storage problems. These lofts are not always practical. They are often difficult, or awkward to access, not 100% […]