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For a well-organized garage

Every homeowner should stop thinking of the garage as a dumping ground for all the things we don’t know what to do with and start looking at it as a useful, accessible storage area. It is often the main entrance to the house. The garage has the unfortunate reputation as the black hole of the […]

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The Beauty and The Beast

This is the garage makeover story of a homeowner who wanted to completely renovate his single garage to make it the den par excellence for his high caliber sports car. The car was his prized possession which he affectionately called “The Beast.”  He liked to pamper it in his spare time and wanted to park […]

The art of wall organization

One of the keys to a residential garage makeover lies in the effective use of available wall surfaces to hang anything that cannot be stored any other way other than piled up behind closed doors: bikes, shovels, brooms, rakes, skis and long handle tools. To properly organize a wall, instead of individual hooks, badly anchored […]

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The garage essence

By definition, a garage is a space located in a house – it can be sometimes an annex building – for parking and protecting vehicles from the weather. In addition to this primary function, the garage is also used to store a variety of items, products, sports equipment, tools among other things that are typical […]

Meet our garage designers

Don’t expect a cookie-cutter approach from our experienced designers. They are there to listen to your needs and then create an original design that fits your garage perfectly. They don’t go into their work with preconceived notions or a preset design agenda. Our designers work with you to develop a vision of what your garage […]