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A quality remodeling

What makes a residential garage remodeling a success? It is when three factors unite in perfect symmetry. First, your will to transform this space to perfectly suit you and your family’s needs. Second, your high standards for specialized services, custom products and high quality at a fair price. Third, our experience and expertise gained from […]

What are 2D garage plans for?

First of all, there are two kinds of plans. Those to build a garage versus those to customize the inside of a garage. In this case, we are talking about plans to customize the interior of a residential garage, which is our specialty. We feel it is essential that in order to properly customize a […]


Beyond the countertop

Most countertops that we offer to crown our melamine or steel cabinets, which include a workbench, are made of either solid colored beech or stainless steel. Some prefer the warmth of wood to the coldness of steel while for others it is the opposite. Both countertops will show wear and tear over the years as […]

Please hide this electrical panel

In most garage makeovers that we design, there is always at least one standard electrical panel to consider, if not a whole wall of boxes and panels. Some of these electrical installations are so imposing that it gives the impression that the residence has its own hydroelectric dam at its disposal. Sometimes, the electrical contractor […]

Comparing apples to apples

To properly design and remodel the inside of your garage, it is very important to discriminately choose the specialized company you want to help you with the project. Few companies specialize in the custom design and remodeling of garages. Each family has its own needs and each garage its own configuration (single, double, triple etc.) […]

Ideas, plans, products and people.

Often times, while talking to current or prospective clients, we elaborate deeper on our purpose as residential garage makeover specialists. How was the company born? What attracted us to this sector? So, we take the opportunity offered by this blog to share with you some of the details of who we are. First and foremost, […]

Designing a garage

Is it an art? Is it a science? In fact, it’s a bit of both. Designing a garage adequately requires an eye for detail, a desire for aesthetics and an innate sense of space. The constraints are varied, depending on garage dimensions as well as the vehicles being parked. The smaller the garage and the […]

Garage storage

Beyond parking one’s vehicles to protect them from the weather, why do we consider the garage as a place to store so many different items? The simplest answer is that the garage is often attached to the house and we have easy access to it, just like any other room in the house. In some […]

Elementary my Dear Watson

There is nothing more irritating than leaving a voicemail asking to be called back and never hearing from the company again. Some companies completely ignore this simple request from consumers interested in their products and services. We always take it upon ourselves to be available during our office business hours to take your calls. If […]