"A genuine thoroughbred" - Espace Garage Plus

This is the story of the owner of a large estate on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. There he built a large horse farm with a stable and other buildings and operates a premium equestrian riding school. Amongst the horses, he now spends his time designing and evolving this magnificent property with the help of a small staff.

The result is simply unique, designed in detail and all to the credit of this dynamic entrepreneur.

The garage was primarily being used to store, repair and park tractors and other utility vehicles required to run the property. Of significant dimensions, this garage was a central component of the daily activity of the operation and the owner wanted to convert it to a fully equipped storage space while providing a pleasant working environment. Based on his detailed instructions, our mandate was to design an appropriate space on the back wall of the garage which was over 20 feet wide. Again, our ability to provide a 2D rendering of a precise solution was instrumental in presenting our proposal of cabinetry, two workbenches and stainless-steel countertops. The owner settled on his choice of steel cabinets for their robustness and style combined with a large stainless-steel sink. The end design proved to be spectacular, giving the space a light, airy feel yet highly functional for the work it was planned for

Once our proposal and quotation were approved, our first step was to coat the garage floor with our Espazzo finish to provide a durable, easy to clean surface. From there, our role was to simply deliver all the components and offer some advice. The owner, a skilled handyman in his own right, took over the installation with the help of one of his staff.

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