2D technology is indispensable when organizing a garage

Aménagement garage double_Beaconsfield 1_5_Espace Garage Plus

Most of the solutions we design and the plans we execute are based on 2D modeling. It’s a powerful tool that helps us and our clients get a clear picture of how their garage will look before we begin any work. It’s one thing to eyeball it and guesstimate how much room is required on the walls and ceiling for shelves, cabinets and other support structures but measuring every surface precisely is another job entirely.

Every garage has its obstacles (water faucets, electrical outlets, foundation walls, doors, windows, heating units, etc.) and given that fact, it’s of paramount importance that every solution make the best possible use of the available space.

With that in mind, precise measurements taking of the entire garage allows us to build a 2D model that clearly shows every inch of space and every potential obstacle. It’s a crucial step that helps us ensure that our solutions meet our client’s every need while considering the realities of the space entrusted to us. Often, more than one solution is available, and the 2D model helps us test each layout to determine which one works best for the client. What’s more, as we validate with the client the solutions we’ve proposed, the 2D modeling helps us adjust and corrections before finalizing the plans and beginning the work itself.

This practical tool also helps us work with clients outside the greater Montreal area, as all plans can be viewed and commented online. Instead of our team taking measurements, clients take care of it and complement it with photos of the garage itself. From these elements, it is easy to articulate and propose solutions that reflect clients’ needs.

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