Sylvie & Simon’s Project in Laval

12 Dec 2018

The complete makeover of this double garage is characterized by the judicious use of all available storage space on the back and side walls. The two-tone Duralum cabinets have been designed and custom-built to offer all conveniences requested by the owners. Open boxes even crowned the large cabinets to offer upper storage despite the constraints of the garage door railings. 

Project Specifications: Removal of existing storage units, plumbing, electricity (LED lighting on the ceiling and over the sink), complete painting, porcelain tiles flooring (existing), garage door adjustment, Duralum custom cabinetry with stainless steel handles and adjustable aluminum legs, solid colored beech countertop of butcher bloc type with stainless steel sink and faucet, overhead storage rack, workbench and wall organizing surfaces of PVC panels with steel accessories.

Production Budget: $30 – 35K