Stephane’s Project in St-Lambert

06 Sep 2018

Solid example of the complete makeover of a double garage in St-Lambert, including the integration of a projecting closet on the back wall, characterized by a brand new concrete floor. Brand new electrical proposition including the burying of an important number of wires of all kinds and the installation of fan heaters with thermostats, electrical outlets, switches and LED lighting. Brand new walls and ceiling with new steel door between the garage and the residence including added baseboards in planning for the floor covering and including sealing joints and overall painting of all new surfaces. Brand new faucet and sewer pipe. Brand new 100% solid polyaspartic floor covering. And finally, installation of overhead storage racks, wall organizing steel grids and PVC panels as well as Duralum custom furniture with stainless steel handles and integrated workbench with solid colored beech butcher bloc style countertop. The result is simply stunning and fulfill in every details all the expectations of this very happy owner who can now enjoy a garage of the same quality than the rest of his residence.

Project Specifications: New concrete floor – New electrical (outlets, switch, heating and LED lighting) – New walls and ceiling – New steel door between garage and residence – Painting – Floor and baseboard polyaspartic covering – Overhead storage racks – Wall organizing steel grids and accessories – PVC wall organizing panels – Custom made Duralum furniture with solid beech countertop and stainless steel handles

Production Budget: $45 – 50K