03 Jun 2018

By Megan Martin | Montreal Gazette | June 2, 2018

In decades past, garages were often an afterthought for homebuyers who were eager to focus their attention on areas of the home like kitchens, bathrooms, and main living spaces. Today, however, things are different. Not only are garages considered essential for storage space, they’re also commonly viewed as an extension of the home’s interior; as such, more thought and investment is being put into them in order to maximize their functional and esthetic appeal.  Read more!

St-Thomas-de-Joliette | GarageThis is the story of an entrepreneur couple who after having built a large additional detached garage to their house, wanted to renovate the existing double garage, this one attached to their house, to make it a more conducive space to meet their needs. Read more!


Nun's Island | GarageThis is the story of a professional couple, and parent of a young school age children, who had long wanted to transform their garage to better accommodate the needs of their growing family. Read more!

For a top shape garageThis is the story of a young retiree who had long wanted to transform her single garage into a multifunctional room to accommodate both the equipment she uses to keep fit and storage of any kind. Read more!

Irresistible lookCovering a garage floor with an Espazzo finish, a mix of epoxy and polyaspartic, or with porcelain tiles, gives it an irresistible look. From an aesthetic point of view, it is certainly the foundation of any respectable garage transformation while offering the potential to set the tone for what should follows.  Read more!

Maximized spaceContrary to popular belief, everything can be arranged and stored in a garage. As far as one has the right product. And there are several item categories that one can arranged and stored in a garage. The dimensions of these items are often directly proportional to their use. Read more!

Total flexibility“A place for everything and everything in its place”. This is the wish too many residential garage owners are making to themselves in front of the items accumulation of all kinds cluttering their garage for too long. Is it possible? Of course. Even if hell is paved with good intentions.  Read more!