For an organized garage

Total flexibility“A place for everything and everything in its place”. This is the wish too many residential garage owners are making to themselves in front of the items accumulation of all kinds cluttering their garage for too long. Is it possible? Of course. Even if hell is paved with good intentions. The primary advantage of converting your walls partially or completely into organized surfaces, with the help of PVC panels with slots designed for this purpose, is the total flexibility it offers. Available in a range of attractive colours allowing proper coordination with your overall design, these panels are anchored directly into the studs of your walls to guarantee all the required strength to accommodate items of various weight. Thus, once your walls converted, it is a real breeze to organize everything imaginable to hang on these walls with a variety of robust and easy to install, hooks, racks, baskets and shelves. The flexibility offered by these accessories allows you to configure and reconfigure your surfaces at all times with the seasons or your needs change. The first principle in the transformation of a residential garage is to raise up everything from the floor. From bicycle to golf bag, rake to hockey bag or stepladder to seed bag. From the largest to smallest or from longest to shortest, these universal or specialized accessories are there to make your job easier and make the realization of this old adage, mentioned at the beginning, a new reality.

Happy Garaging!

The Espace Garage Plus team

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